Netflix subscription is a best deal

You may know already that Netflix has:

  • Over 100,000 DVD titles -New Releases, Classics, TV episodes and more on DVD
  • No Late Fees
  • Arrive movies in most places in one day
  • Over 17,000 streaming choices -Some new releases, lots of classics and TV episodes available to watch instantly

But that’s not all with Netflix $8.99 DVD (10.99 Blu-ray) plan,

  • you can get unlimited one DVD/Blu-ray at a time and stream over 17,000 choices on your PC, XBOX 360, Playstation 3(PS3),TiVo®, Roku and many Sony, LG, Samsung HDTV, Blu-ray player ,and home theater/receiver system.
  • Netflix has best predictions in recommending DVD/Blu-ray. Cheap rental $1 DVD rental can never come close to this.
  • Netflix hack: Since new release could take some time to arrive but if you want to get the movie on the release date (Tuesday) simply send the movie Friday afternoon or Saturday Morning and surely enough you will have movie on your hand on the release date. Remember if you send the movie Friday morning and Netflix receive movie on Saturday they may send out movie Saturday (they did it to me).
  • Netflix hack: I have $10.99 plan but for couple of bucks more I can get few more movies (in Blu-ray). E.g. I have billing date every 26th of month, I switched to 4 movies at plan today (22nd). Netflix charged me $1.75 (prorated) for this month and will send out the three additional movies tomorrow including Angels & Demons (New release) in Blu-ray. Once the movies are shipped I will revert to $8.99 plan and I get three additional movies in Blu-ray for just $1.75.

So if you think Redbox or Blockbuster $1 DVD rental can compete with Netflix then think again. I would rather cut one premium channel and subscribe Netflix.
So if you are current Netflix member enjoy above hacks like me but if you are not Netflix subscriber why not try free.

Netflix trial offer :

  1. Click here to get Free Offer; Update now you have online access only option and iphone and ipad application to watch anywhere.

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